They were sitting in the shade

"We are originally from France.  We are Catholic.  The Mormon religion is very interesting.  I think it's a good religion because they believe in God, and I think that's most important.  I think in our society, there are more and more people who don't believe in God.  I would prefer to be a Mormon than to be someone who believes in nothing.

I don't understand people who believe in nothing. It's very difficult for me to understand, because God is very important in the life.  

However, I am very surprised of the history of the Book of Mormon.  It's very curious.  But if it works for them, okay. I'm happy for them...But it is very curious.  Have you heard the history of Mormons?  It's very very curious.  I'm very...surprised of the history.  And the tablets...Where are these tablets?  Mr. Smith, I think, he was very mysterious."

She was waiting for her ride.

They were waiting in line