They were studying

"I want to travel out of the country.  We almost took a road trip with our friends.  We were going to go to Canada, but it didn't happen."

"We went and got our passports and everything.  We were so excited."

"I guess the main reason we haven't done these things is because we got into college...and money.  Well, they're kind of the same thing now actually, the same problem.  We just graduated from high school and suddenly it's like, 'Oh no, now college!'  We worked all summer.  Work is fine. I like it.  I just really wanted to take that road trip.  Maybe next time."

He was spray painting in the park

"The only thing I could ever say to another artist is don't worry about anybody else. Do you.  No matter what you draw.  No matter how you color it.  As soon as you start fucking with other people's shit, and start looking like other people...Man, just stay as original as you can no matter what. Address your style.  That way, you are your style. 

Yeah, I look at a lot of people's stuff and say that's cool.  I don't ever take things that I like.  Do your own shit. I do my own shit.  That's about it."

I'm taking a break from work.  Today has been very demanding.  It's been a little bit crazy.

What's your happy place?  Where do you go to get away from all the crazy?

Being with my wife and kids or listening to records. A lot of jazz music. Funk and soul. I collect a lot of vinyl.  

Any favorites?

Jimmy McGriff and Ramsey Lewis, of course.

"We are originally from France.  We are Catholic.  The Mormon religion is very interesting.  I think it's a good religion because they believe in God, and I think that's most important.  I think in our society, there are more and more people who don't believe in God.  I would prefer to be a Mormon than to be someone who believes in nothing.

I don't understand people who believe in nothing. It's very difficult for me to understand, because God is very important in the life.  

However, I am very surprised of the history of the Book of Mormon.  It's very curious.  But if it works for them, okay. I'm happy for them...But it is very curious.  Have you heard the history of Mormons?  It's very very curious.  I'm very...surprised of the history.  And the tablets...Where are these tablets?  Mr. Smith, I think, he was very mysterious."

"We have been married for three years."

"How did you meet?"

"We were childhood friends, and then it just became something more."

"When did you know it was something more?"

"When we were up all night talking."
"Yeah.  When we were up talking until about 6 in the morning, and I couldn't function the next day...That's when I realized that there was a lot more to this than just being friends."