Rustle Rustle

How did I get here? 

He asked himself that every so often when he found himself in a stranger’s crawlspace at four in the morning.   He inched along on his knees through the spider webs and through the dark, searching for danger and probing around for hazards—Whatever the emergency, he could repair it.  To most, it might be a perilous journey.  To him, it was typical protocol. 

Until he saw a strange…


He squinted as he saw a pale green light shining through the old planks of wood in the dark corner of the crawlspace.  What could that be?  He continued forward, rushed by curiosity.

Scoot. Scoot.

Moving things that didn’t need to be moved was not part of protocol, but once he reached the corner that was still glowing with a peculiar light, he couldn’t resist.  He took his pipe wrench and thudded against the wood.  A plank immediately popped loose, and again, against protocol, he reached out and pulled the heavy plank back and took a look to find out what the source of the glow was.

His eyes widened as he swore under his breath.  On the other side of the wood was a jungle!  Large banana leaves shook here and there from animal activity (most likely).  Vines hung low to the ground, forever falling from the tallest branches of the largest trees he had ever seen.  The sunlight that pressed against the cool shadows was filtered by layers and layers of Jade green leaves.  He realized that that was the green glow that had beckoned him in.  The sound of birds and monkeys and elephants filled the air.  

This was a foreign world.  A wild world. This was not protocol.

He threw down his pipe wrench and stared out into the new world that had been hiding underneath the stranger’s house.

A steady rain suddenly took over the jungle.  The smell of sparkling water from the clouds and fresh, sweet air filled his nostrils.  He stretched his hand out passed the broken plank and felt the raindrops.  He brought his hand back into the dark basement space and felt the wetness.  It wasn’t protocol.

But it was real.

He looked over to the left and saw a natural pool of spring water.  He wondered just how warm the water was.  Then he picked up his pipe wrench and leveraged more wooden planks with his strength. 

He heard the snap of the planks and the leaves of the jungle shake with excitement.

Rustle Rustle (Pt. 2)

 Where to Start?

Where to Start?