Mini May Update!

Mini May Update!

"Hi.  Remember when you hired me a few days ago?...

Well, now I need you to un-hire me."

Yesterday at the library as a Library Aide, I found myself up on the fifth floor in the H & R Department.  After checking in, sorting, reviewing, alphabetizing, counting, and shelving countless books, cassettes, CDs, and DVDs, I realized that I needed a job with more action.  I had planned on staying with the job for longer, giving it a chance, but then I got a call from an old friend, a girl I hadn't actually seen since I was thirteen years old or so.  Her phone call started with, "Hey, I think I have a job for you.  You interested?  

The staff was fun and well-read and a happy company to be around. And although being in a very quiet building for hours on end with books was soothing and honestly quite easy, being a library aide was far too slow for me.  So I told my friend on the phone, "Yes, when can I start?"

"I'm eight and a half years old."

That was the answer of a young boy when I asked how old he was.  I love that kids are in such a hurry to grow up.  Even at 23, the crowd around me is holding onto their youth as they feel time is slipping by.  This young 8 1/2 year old was trying to seem older by reaching for that extra "half" of a year to add to his age.  I loved the confidence and enthusiasm, the attention to detail and pride he had. 

This young boy and I were jogging around a tennis court.  Thanks to a phone call that couldn't have come at a better time, my new job title aside from being a specialty barista at Three Pines is now "Tennis Instructor" at one of the most beautiful parks in Salt Lake City.  I now spend my time making new specialty beverages or swinging a racket under the sun.  Yesterday, I taught a kid's clinic and put on my rollerblades afterwards and wheeled around the park like a champ for an extra hour and a half. The work is rewarding, I love being outdoors, and I feel like i'm making a difference.  It feels great!

"Right now, my favorite coffee is our Ethiopian Duromina by Heart."

That was my answer today when a customer asked me about our coffee selection from our exclusive roaster in Portland, Heart. 

Three Pines has reached its three month mark.  I've been working tirelessly with Meg, Nick, and Ashley.  We've been dialing in coffee, working on our craft, and learning and experimenting everyday.  I see new faces each day as well as our "regulars."  I love getting a taste of the community while the community gets a taste of Three Pines Coffee.  I've learned a lot about everything-coffee, customer service, and running a business thanks to Meg & Nick taking me under their wings.  I've made a lot of friendships in the process as well, and I couldn't be happier being a part of the Three Pines family.

"What do you call a cow in an Earthquake?"

"A moo-ving animal?
Utter destruction?
Disaster in un-milked territory?"

"...Not Quite.  A milkshake!"

That is just one tiny piece of conversation shared between me and a young man.  He works two jobs.  I work two jobs.  We're busy, passionate people with goals, aspirations, and love for puns.  It's taken a while to find someone who really understands my humor, and it's been even more challenging to find someone who can throw it back at me.  I think I've found that man.  After a year and a half of wandering the streets alone, I've found someone who wants to wander around with me.

I don't really want to say much more.  I've tried to write about him a few times now only to fail miserably.  Nothing seems to capture him well enough; nothing seems good enough.  I'm sure you'll see more of him around the social medias.  For now, I'll just say that he's got these beautiful blue eyes, an extremely goofy side, a lovely and tuff sense of style, and his own moral compass that he follows above all else.

Alright.  That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for more.

- J

The Flower in the Flower Pot

The Flower in the Flower Pot