Are any of my readers online shoppers?

Hello, hello!

This is going to be a short post about my new affiliate links.  You can find them under the “Support This Writer” page.  If you do any online shopping and want to help support Where Is Jade, then you’ll love this page because it gives you that option.

Here are some questions you may have that I may have the answer to!

How can I help Where Is Jade using affiliate links?  

If you’re about to do some online shopping, please think of me!  All you have to do is jump to my affiliate’s page and click on the banner that will take you to do your shopping.  *Be sure you have your ad block off in order to see the affiliate links that you will need to click on!*

Right now, I am a part of Amazon's and iTune’s affiliate programs.   If you know of any affiliate programs you think Where Is Jade would be a good fit for, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Does it cost me anything extra? 

No!  The affiliate programs pay me a commission if any purchases are made after clicking through to their website from my blog.  So you get to justify some online shopping for yourself and support a blog that you read at no extra cost.  It’s a win, win!

I don't shop online much or at these specific stores, but I still want to help.  Where do I start?

Great!  Thanks for taking interest in supporting Where Is Jade!  Here are some ways you can support Where Is Jade other than stopping by the affiliate links page before getting your online shopping done.

  • Reading is the main purpose for this blog.  If you're a reader, you've already done your part!  Give yourself a pat on the back, I know I can write a lot at once sometimes!  
  • If you want to go beyond that, sharing the blog is always helpful and appreciated, so if you have specific blog post you like or know someone who might enjoy reading WIJ, please use your social media skills to help share the love so that my writing may reach and connect with others.
  • You can also always donate money directly to support Where Is Jade.
  • Subscribe to the Where Is Jade to receive newsletters and exclusive updates!  The subscription form can be found on the About Me page here.

I’m quite new to affiliate programs, so please understand this is a learning process for me as well.  That said, if you have any recommendations/suggestions, I would love to talk them over with you.  Feel free to use the contact form on the About Me page of the blog to get in touch.

Thanks again for all of your support!

- Jade

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This one is about you

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