I Miss the Jet Lag

 Public City Library - SLC, UT

Public City Library - SLC, UT

I am slowly starting to get settled into this city.  I've found some bars I'd like to go back to.  I've visited some promising venues.  I have a favorite coffee shop, and i'm starting to learn the baristas' names.  I finally get to spend too much time at libraries, and am starting to see the same faces here and there around downtown. I even ordered a mattress and have a bed frame on its way.  I waited quite a while to do that.

I'm actually sitting on the floor right now. Some boxes are still out and about.  I think i've purposely left some out to make me feel like i'm still traveling, like i'm still on the move.  I like sleeping on the floor.  When I wake up, sometimes I forget that I ever signed a year's lease to an apartment.  I forget that I have a home base.  I wake up, feel that i'm on the ground, and keep my eyes closed.  Then I ask myself, what country could I be in today?

As much as having a place for my things and having cute little coffee mugs to call my own feels so great, I must admit, going through these photos makes me want to pack up and just take a nice little trip out of the city. (Soon enough, Jade.  All in good time. Calm down already.)  

Anyway, I was going through some photos and happy thoughts.  I started to get a bit nostalgic, and I wanted to share some memories...  It didn't seem like a lot then, but now that i've collected some of the photos for this post, I realize I've been quite the traveling vagabond the last few years.  So here's to the things I miss, starting with...

The history of a country so much older than our
adolescent United States. (Rome, Italy)

Making new friends
(Pavones, Costa Rica)

Exploring museums in Rome but being just as impressed by walking the city's streets under the glow of its lamp lights.

The enchantment of London, reading poetry off the
concrete, and pretending to be as rich as the
Queen of England for a weekend.

Going around in circles and learning how to be humble by
taking out the maps to re-chart an adventure. (Yosemite)

The siestas in Spain.

Hiking to find treasures like a monastery
tucked away in the mountains. (Montserrat, Spain)

Waiting for the aqua-bus in Venice.

Showing my little sister how Central
America is done. (Punta Banco, Costa Rica)

The Gardens of Versailles and all things not
the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Hiking new places with new people and learning
about how a person climbs to the top of something
great. (Zion National Park, Utah!)

I miss the sound checks.
(San Francisco, CA)


The dark places.
(Lisboa, Portugal) 

The weird foods.
(La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain)

The different routes.
(Cambridge, UK)

The lookouts.
(Ka Lae, HI - Southern Most Point in the U.S.)

The dancing
(Brooklyn, New York)

The feeling King Kong might show up.
(Costa Rica)

The different climates
(Beaver, Utah)

The time to self reflect.

The twists and turns.

The fist pumps


I miss the jet lag.
(Madrid, Spain)



All's fair in love and war

All's fair in love and war