No June Gloom!

No June Gloom!

Oh my goodness, June is almost here.  Soon, my baby sister and I will set sail for Costa Rica.  We don’t really know what to expect, but we have been told there will be horseback riding, surf lessons, cooking classes, and yoga sessions on the beach, so we’re pretty excited.  The program we are going into is actually a volunteer work-exchange program, and we wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise so we are very thankful that The Yoga Farm has made it possible for us to spend a month with them.  We feel really lucky to be accepted as volunteers and can’t wait to get our hands dirty.  

I just bought three thick notebooks and a set of pens.  My sister bought a sketch book.  And we both chipped in for our June reading list.  We’re going to be getting in touch with the side of ourselves we might have forgotten about—the side that doesn’t check their phone every so often.  We’re extremely excited about disconnecting ourselves from “the world” and falling off the grid for a while.  I think it’s easy to think we aren’t too attached to our phones when, in actuality, we are. (It’s just so fun sharing with you all!)  But just like there needs to be “me” time, there needs to be a specific “me” time without notifications going off every few minutes.

We may not be able to update our social media/my blog for the entire month, but we will do our best to say hi if we get the chance! That being said, expect a lot of wonderful content come July!  Misty, who has been on fire since she took a photography class last semester, will be taking her camera and documenting our time in CR.  I’m keeping a specific journal aside specifically to fill with what I want to share on my blog once I get back.  So when ya’ll are missing me in June, just tell yourself July is going to rock!  Distance makes the heart grow fonder…right?

Along with all of Costa Rica content, July will be full of more self discovery because remember when I come back from Costa Rica, I want to find a place to “settle down” for six months to a year.  Some have asked me how the list is coming, and well, folks, it’s been hard to narrow it down without visiting these places.  So far, it’s still looking like this (in random order): 

Minneapolis, Minnesota
(Heard it’s an amazing city. Cons: Cold as $%#$)

Portland, Oregon
(Heard it’s a fun city. Cons: Rains cats and dogs.)

Bend, Oregon
(Cool, but not as cool as Portland. Doesn’t rain cat and dogs)

Boulder, Colorado
(Not as big as Denver.  More outdoorsy and weird. Cons: Expensive)

Boise, Idaho
(Cheap and fun.  Cons: Middle of nowhere and LDS population is still quite heavy.)

Salt Lake City, Utah
(Cheap and fun.  Cons: Highly concentrated LDS population & bad air quality)

Park City, Utah
(Beautiful, small.  Cons: Winters are yikes. Still prevalent LDS population)

Santa Barbara, California
(Weather is awesome all year round. Fun. It’s California. Cons: Expensive. It’s California.)

Missoula, Montana
(This one doesn’t make a lot of sense. But I like it on my list. Cons: Winters.)

*Disclaimer: I show that heavy LDS concentrated places is a con.  I just wanted to say that I have nothing against the LDS community.  Plain and simple: the majority of girls and boys my age are already married (and have kids).  I’m looking for a place to have fun, make friends, save up, and take my time while I date.  A strong LDS influence would make that more challenging.*

If anything, you’ll notice that “colder” places have creeped onto my list.  I’ve realized that I’m willing to sacrifice temperature for some outdoorsy fun.  I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do, but it’s what I’m planning on now.   Also, cities in Arizona and Texas have drifted off of my list...(Also note, this list could be so different when I come back from CR.)  There is only so much research I can do on the internet, so I’m hoping that I can at least checkout a few of these places before I make a move.  BUT I’m gonna just try to focus on The Now.  I’m going to have fun in June, work on my down dog, catch a few waves, and enjoy Costa Rica.  (That’s what I hope I’ll doing.  I’ll probably be making pros/cons list on each city and writing about the sound of rain i the jungle…)

Another update is the new page on my blog: Support This Writer.  The reason I have this blog is to be connected with you, so just having you here reading and sometimes commenting or interacting through the medium you choose is amazing.  The reason I have added this Support This Writer page is because I put a huge amount of time and effort into keeping this blog up and running—with most of my hours simply going into writing.  I love writing on Where Is Jade, but for the amount of time I put into it, I could use a little extra help. 

Again, thank you all so much for the support you have shown me over the last few years.  I think I started blogging about my life adventures back just before college?  Maybe my freshman year?  Now here I am, one year after graduation, still traveling, still writing, still searching for love…Wow!  (Have I made any progress? *Face palm*)  I guess it really is about the journey though, because I feel like I am learning more and more each day.  

Here’s to more adventures. Here’s to more explorations.  Here’s to more pixie dust. Here’s to asking the question time and time again: Where is Jade?!

Stay with me, and I’ll stay with you. 


P.S.  To my faithful few who are subscribed to my email newsletters, you all will be the first to hear back from me when I return from Central America.  And depending on the circumstances, I'll try to send a photo or two your way to keep you updated while I'm in Costa Rica! For those of you who aren't subscribed, subscribe now and reap the rewards come July!

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