Speak Up - Change of Plans!

So… Remember that Vlog where I said I was going to Costa Rica and also getting a haircut?  Well… One of those things is for sure true.

I chopped off some hair, that’s for sure.  And, I know, I know, it’s just a haircut, but is it really?  Once, Dia told me that “Sure, no one can see pretty underwear.  But when we wear ‘em, we feel pretty on the inside too, and people notice. It’s actually been proven.”  I don’t know if it’s actually been proven, but I definitely feel sexier in lace than I do in my cotton undies.

Well, ever since this haircut happened, I feel different.  I feel sincerely free.  I feel happy. I feel stronger.  I feel… Me.  I’m not saying I know what “me” means, but I like the feeling and I’m okay with not knowing exactly what that means.  And maybe people can tell that I feel bold, feel strong, feel ready for anything…Because things have been happening. Good things.

First of all, I got some of the greatest advice on love from a stranger at a Hawaiian Cafe in the middle of no where.  (Apparently, I need to keep my eye out for a cowboy.  Read about it here.) Second of all, plans with Costa Rica have been pushed back (or scratched off my list completely for now? Not sure!) thanks to a spontaneous phone call from my sister Meg.

She told me about the Speak Up Tour.  She told me about Jess Bowen. And, GEE WILLIGERS this thing sounds awesome. I couldn’t believe I was given such an amazing opportunity to help make Speak Up happen! I had to take it! (Costa Rica, the timing just wasn’t right, I guess!) These two amazing girls are going to be “Speaking Up” about everything from sexuality, coming out to friends and family, to religion, and race… Read Meg’s blog on Speak Up for more info here!  


Speak Up sounds like a safe place to talk about uncertainties, doubts, and hopefully it becomes a place where we can find strength (I doubt we will ever find a straight shot to all of the right answers…Besides what fun would that be?).  I am definitely still doing some soul-searching myself, and I am so so honored to be able to be a part of this tour and get to listen in and see where the conversation takes us!  

Check out these dates and see if we are coming to a city near you.  We would love to have you and your support! If you aren’t able to come out for the event, no worries.  I will do my best to document as much as I can to keep you all in the loop until we do (hopefully!) make it out to a city near you. 

To add to this all, Misty and I are heading out to Arizona early tomorrow.  We are going to go learn about sustainable food practices and listen to some Twenty One Pilots at the Cultivate Festival in Scottsdale (Yep, the one hosted by Chipotle!).  It will be Misty’s first big road trip with her driver’s license, so please wish us a fun and safe weekend adventure!

That’s about all I have for now.  There are definitely more projects in the works, but I’ll hold off for now.  So, to review: I have cute short hair now with some golden strands and feel like superwoman, I get to work with Meg and Jess on Speak Up (this also kind of makes me feel like superwoman), and I’m going to be stuffing my face with Chipotle burritos while stuffing my ears with some amazing music (Okay, maybe I get to be superwoman for a few days.) 

…I won’t be feeling like superwoman after 14 hours of road tripping…But I’m young!  

Friends, keep calm and plan but let those plans change and stay strong!  



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