A kiss for shame

It’s not fair to insist that a kiss is a kiss.

It’s not fair to try and try,

And shrug and say, “It’s hit or miss.”

Kiss me.

Cheek to cheek.

Tell me this is how the French people speak.

Make me shake from one embrace.

Let me die when I see your face unchanged.

Your thumb to shoulder,

A smile, a smolder, 

It warms my chest.

But then I freeze,

When I see you touch the rest.


How lucky you are with eyes like that.

When you look at me, I feel the best.

And so does she, and so does she, and so does she,

You spread your warmth from her to me.

And what seemed sincere

Was never here.

Because a kiss to you is light and flighty.

And I’m the fool,

Because I thought it was right and mighty.


Smile and wink.

Make me think.

I’m the only girl in the room.

Say good bye, squeeze me tight.

Shatter my fairytale

When I realize.

A kiss that was forever,

For you was for a night.

Time to Let Go at Time Square

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