Sisters in New York

Misty - the baby of the family and the only one who is yet to get her high school diploma - had spring break last week.  My mother sent her over here, accompanied by my oldest sister Meg for the week.  It was like a Frampton sandwich over here for the week with the youngest and oldest sister sandwiching my middle child self.  

And Frampton sandwiches are delicious.

Mostly, we ate a lot of food. We did do some of the touristy things though.  We took the Stanton Ferry to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.  We walked through Time Square on our way to see a broadway.  We strolled through the entirety of Central Park and sat in the middle of it on a bench and snacked on dried mango and nuts.  We stood at the top of the Rockefeller and waved to the Empire State Building from across the city.  Meg ordered a second Spiced Apple Chai Shake at the House of Small Wonder and Misty learned how to work the Subway quite handily.  Needless to say, at the end of the week, we were all happy, fat, and tired.

Their coming also welcomed in the first temperatures in the 50s which was nice. Thanks guys!  The New York grind can be tough, so I'm very grateful they came over for a few days to rescue me with a week of yummy desserts, silly inside jokes, random dancing on the subway platforms, and lots of hot chocolate.

Be Brave. Do the Morning Rave! - Brooklyn, New York

"Satellite" by Guster