"Bittersweet" by Archis

"Bittersweet" comes from an album that is all about the struggle.  (So fitting for my new adventures in New York!) It offers hope, but at the same time, it leaves space for disappointment, frustration, and the bending and breaking that we all realistically are forced to endure.  It's relatable in that way.

Things haven't been easy for me these last couple of weeks.  Archis couldn't have released their album at a better time for me, personally...That's a selfish thing to say, but it's true.  

The album is out today! (February 23rd, 2015).  It's a worthy purchase, I promise you.  I may be biased, but I also have great taste in music ;) So know you won't regret it.  Go here to purchase the entire album!

Specifically to "Bittersweet," this music video really hits home for me right now.  I have had a hard time sleeping at night.  I've been doubting some of my decisions in the past along with the decisions I will have to make in the near future.  I feel surrounded by the unknown, by my own kind of darkness, and i'm fighting hard to stay afloat.  So, naturally,  bittersweet can bring me to tears if I forget to put my guard up.

Actually - come to think of it - all of these songs get me a little teary eyed.  A big thanks to Dia Frampton and Joe Trapanese for creating such amazing sounds and making me feel all of these emotions.


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