Ice Skate with Me

Ice Skate with Me

I walked by on my way to work, and I saw your bright green jacket.  You were skating on the ice, and as I saw the chilly air pass through your fluffy hair, I wondered how jeans and a neon wind breaker was warm enough for you.  

There was no Should I stop by and say hi? moment.  I just stopped by, and you skated to the edge of the rink where a three foot clear wall separated us.  We both leaned on the rails.  You don’t stand up straight.  You’re relaxed; you’re not trying to impress anyone. You just want to say hi.


You remember my name, ask about the holidays.  We talk small, but it’s sometimes the small things that keep me going.  We don’t talk about the past.  I know about you, but not about what’s happened to you.  I know about what you want to happen.  And mostly you just give me the latest on ice rink play.  You point out the most mischievous child on the ice, and we watch him fall and fall again.  Some of the kids want to spend more time falling than they do making perfect twirls and spins.  I think they have something figured out that they will slowly un-figure out as they grow into their teens.  Maybe, if they’re lucky, they’ll figure it out again as adults.

I don’t tell you about my past.  You know about me, but you don’t know what’s happened to me.  You know what I want to happen.  And mostly I just give you harmless feedback and comical commentary on the strangers gliding on the ice.

I like that there is no advice.  There is no pressure.  There is no expectation.  I like that you listen and that you encourage.  And I especially like when you encourage a pasing skater: Good job. Keep at it!

And after a few pleasant moments of acknowledging that, we exist, we breathe, we hope, we dream, and we exist some more together, I continue on my way to work...alone, but connected.

Sometimes it’s those little moments, the briefest of encounters, the most foreign of strangers, the casual details… that allow us to sleep at night and wake up again in the mornings.  

This post is dedicated to all of my readers.  Your encouragement and support has been amazing.  Your discussion/comments/conversation always fascinates me.  Time is a valuable resource, and I'm grateful knowing that you take some bits and pieces of your day and share them with me.   Thank you to all of my readers - especially those who have sent me donations to help keep this blog up and running for another year!

I want to take this moment to acknowledge that...We exist. We breathe. We write. We read. We hope. We Dream. And we exist some more together.  

Mirror, Mirr-Oh, Dear, Is That Me?

Mirror, Mirr-Oh, Dear, Is That Me?

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