1. He comments on your appearance.  He might say you’re pretty.  He might say you’re sexy.  He might say you’re cute or beautiful.  He might even say it using the word, "I," by saying, “I like looking at you.”  This means he could like you! Yay!
  2. Does he talk about your character?  Does he say you’re genuine? Caring? Sweet? Smart? Funny?  Awkward, but in a good way?  This means he could like you! Woo! 

  3. He finds reasons to touch you.  Does he put a hand on your shoulder, leg, or waist?  Does he comb your hair behind your hair when talking to you?  This could definitely mean he might like you! High five, girl!

  4. Does he like your newest status updates on FB, your Instagram photos, and your funny retweets on Twitter? Well, girl, then he might possibly like you! Duh!

  5. Does he text you just to get your attention with no information or direction of conversation in first said text?  These text messages look something like this: “Hey.”  or “Hey, Girl, Hey.” or “Hi, Sexy.”  This means he might like you. What up!

  6. Does he tell you about his problems?  You know, open up to you by sharing personal information with you?  Careful, he could just be telling you something he tells everyone or it could be something he hasn’t told anyone making you quite the special girl.  Don’t worry, it’s not hard to tell which one he is using with you.  Usually when he divulges a secret or personal thing about him, he will follow it with an assuring, “I don’t usually talk about this stuff with anyone,” or “I haven’t told many people that,” to imply that you are extra special.  Because he’s making you feel extra special, he might like you. Cool beans!

  7. Does he talk about things he wants to do with you in the future?  This could fall along the lines of, “I’ll show you around sometime.” or “Yeah, we should go try this new restaurant out when we’re less busy.” or “I sometimes go out to the lake. I’ll take you one of these days.”  It can be hard to tell it’s an actual invite or just a hypothetical dream he wants you to envision without him going through all of the effort of actually doing something.

    The key is to look for what I call the “Vague Time Indicator.”  Men use the Vague Time Indicator to promise you something (knowing we women like security and the assurance of spending more time together) in the future so that when they don’t actually do it, they still aren’t actually breaking said promise because they still couuuuuuld take us out if the opportunity presented itself on a freakin' platter.  It’s a brilliant tactic that one can use without being affiliated with the “bad guy, empty promises” title. Oh, this also means he maybe wants to spend more time with you, so he must like you, right?

  8. Does he kiss you like he means it?  Well, hello.  That’s a good sign that he could be into you!

  9. Has he told you that one or both of his parents would like you?  You know if you have his mother’s approval, then he might possibly like-like you. Way-Ho!

  10. And if all of the things combined make you feel warm and fuzzy, and when he looks at you and you feel like the luckiest girl alive...He might definitely like you.

Or… he might not.  I mean, any of these things on the list could be great tools to get into your pants that you’ve already been thinking about unzipping.  So, you know, maybe he likes you, maybe he doesn’t.  Dude, I have no idea. It’s a rough world out there.  Not everyone tells the truth, not everyone wants what you want, not everyone cares the way you might. Hang onto your pants...Or don’t.  Friends with benefits is a thing now. I mean, do you like him? Or have you been batting your eyelashes and laughing at his humorless jokes over there just to get him to show you those washboard abs of his?


Little Details

Little Details

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Agree to Disagree