New York Bound

Alright - Tomorrow is happening.  I’ve just checked in for my flight.  Me and surprisingly only one suitcase will be heading for the East Coast.  Traveling for tennis and staying in one place for a week at a time was one thing, but traveling and staying in one place for X amount of time to live is another.  It’s strange to think that I’ll be in New York for an unknown amount of time.  And yet, just by deciding to fly to the East Coast, every one has patted me on the back and congratulated me:

“Where are you going?”

“New York.”

“To do what?”

“Live in New York.” (As if that wasn’t plenty enough)

“Oh. Awesome. Congratulations.”

“Thank you, but why are you congratulating me?”

“It’s New York.  That’s a big deal.”

“Yes. I suppose.”

It’s like buying my ticket to NY is already something to be proud of—which I don’t mind.  I’m a lost 22-year-old girl, I’ll take all of the praise/applause/pats on the back I can get.  Maybe that’s why I’m moving to New York—because just heading over to NYC sounds impressive.  Maybe I like the idea of sounding impressive.  Or maybe I would like to live in a city that many great writers have lived in or stayed in for an extended period of time. Or maybe I just like the idea of choosing the most terrifying door in my life to unlock.  Maybe that’s why Merrick chose the Middle East. . . (I don’t think I’m ready to talk about him leaving again just yet *sniffles*)  New York is supposed to keep me from thinking about him not being next to me, not keeping me warm on the East Side.

Anyway, moving to New York has proven to bring up some important questions:

  • What do I pack when the duration of living in New York is indefinite?
  • How many sweaters is too many when the temperature upon my time of tomorrow is supposed to be somewhere in the single digits?
  • How do I plan on finding (as Rachel from Friends puts it) one of those “job-things”?
  • How many layers of pants shall I wear for future runs around Central Park? (The answer is one, because I only have one pair of compression pants.)
  • Friends. Where do you find them? How do you make them?  (I automatically am dreaming of a group of friends similar to the New York TV shows like Friends or How I Met Your Mother.  
  • What should I do/see/taste/hear/smell/touch first?
  • If I get into a taxi at the same time as another person, should I fight for it and risk getting beat up?
  • Pizza…Hotdogs… Those are big deals over there, right?

The point of listing these questions is to simply express that I have a lot of questions.  I’m a Utah girl, California-educated, ready for some East Coast love.  So, if you have any of these comments:

  • You have to eat at *insert cool eatery here*.  Order their *insert best dish on the menu here*
  • Never ever go *insert place where you had a terrible life-threatening experience*.  Instead go here *Awesome place that you want to return to one day*
  • I have a friend that is looking for a bright and hard working girl to fill a job position. *Insert friend’s contact info here*
  • I’ll be in New York next month.  We should hang out.  *Insert dates you’ll be in the city here*
  • Good luck! You’re going to need it. New york is going to eat you up and spit you out! *Insert evil cynical laugh here*

Please share them with me.  New York is going to be a big city, and I’ll need all of the help/advice/guidance/high fives/ I can get! 

Alright.  Here’s to a new adventure, a new city, a fresh start, and a terrifyingly exciting new chapter of my life!  Woo, Let's go 2015, you're it!

Affording my Mistress: New York City