Update on the Fam-Bam

So - A lot is happening all at the same time.  New York has been so overwhelming, terrifying, and amazing all at the same time. I'm going to be in a huge blizzard for the next couple of days, and I had family calling and texting me left and right wishing me safe thoughts.  I miss them a lot and have been thinking about them all day. I've been so caught up with my own adventures, I feel like it's time to look at my family and theirs.  Here's their update.



First of all, my oldest sister has a brand new jewelry collection out.  She still has the robots for purchase on her website, but it looks like 2015 is all about bold colors.  I think Meg is going through a refreshing new beginning this 2015.  Recently she has played some amazing gigs with amazing women like Kate Nash and Hilary Duff.   She's getting in touch with music again - and it's like she's falling in love for the first time!  That's what I see expressed in her jewelry too.  And let's face it, the honeymoon phase is something we could all experience again and again. So here's to her new collection, "A New Awakening."  Also, she has an awesome blog of her own.  Check it out here.

Second of all, my second oldest sister, Dia, is launching her new project Archis!  It's a whole different sound, and quite honestly, I love the direction she has taken.  Archis is a collaboration between Dia and Joe Trapanese (He has scored music for Tron, M83, The Raid, Transformers, Earth to Echo...) and most importantly he is just an amazing person in general.  I have only met him a few times, and I seriously just love the guy.  He's a great listener, is super positive, and spoke with me as if we had been friends for years.   

Anyway, Archis is having a big release show on 2.23.2015 in Los Angeles.  Everyone will be there (except for me, wah!), there will be an orchestra...What I'm saying is, it's going to be epic.  Get a ticket now and then let me know you did to make me jealous.

And my little sisters are thriving in beautiful Oregon.  They are both working in the food industry and killing it.  As always, they are super dedicated to working hard and have each other's back while they brave it out through the Northwest.  This is a little late, but Nikki is also a certified dog groomer after some intense training, so yay for that too!  

And my youngest sister went to her first junior prom!  I can't tell you how sad I am that I missed it.  I'm still waiting for pictures (Can you believe it?!) But even without seeing any, I know my baby sis looked gorgeous.

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