"Hero" by Family of the Year

I heard this song while watching the amazing movie, Boyhood.  The film is unique in that the story of a boy growing up is filmed over the course of twelve years.  Yes, that means you see the actor physically grow from a boy into a man on screen.  

I thought watching the boy mature would be the most interesting thing about the movie.  However, everything that filled the space around him in the film is what I ended up enjoying the most.  The music and fashion trends changed to match the time in the film just as it had in my own life.  Life events like seeing Harry Potter with friends dressed up in cloaks and cheap Harry Potter imitation glasses made me laugh and feel old.  Watching this film was a true pleasure in that I felt like I, myself was going back in time.

I recommend watching the movie on your couch at home (it's a long one) with friends that enjoy a patient story that is filled with ups and downs, but no terrible falls or steep inclines.  Also - I hope that you enjoy this song as well.

Don't Fall in Love with a Book